Jan 20, 2017

No Bake Biscuit Cake (almond ,chocolate flavour)

No Bake Biscuit Cake is a interesting and simple recipe,even our little munchkin can try without our help.Yes!!! all you need is any buttercream,biscuits,milk thats it.The perfect for Kids Party Cake.Making this no bake biscuit cake is a long time wish for me but finally it happened 2weeks back.I made a vanilla sponge cake with nutella buttercream frosting for My Man's Bday,it tastes so delicious.He loved it a lot and got positive feedback from friends too.I got some leftover buttercream so thought to make this simple no bake cake.I have homemade almond powder in hand so dipped this biscuits in alomnd milk and topped with almond powder too.Gautham surprised to see this cake and he always gives me a correct feedback about my recipes like his dad.And honestly, that brings me this blogging journey!!! My Little Munchkin's feed back was 'so tasty ,yummy and the buttercream is dominating than the biscuit crunch as i used thin base biscuits'.Its upto your preference,you can stack 2layer biscuits.

I must say about the cute and attracting flowers on the plate which i displayed,that was a original cake decorating fondant flower which my friend passed me the slice of wedding cake along with this.We really loved the colour and the taste too.I hope one day i will make cute flowers like this.

No Bake Biscuit Cake :
Thats It : Prepare Cake Frosting Cream - Make Biscuit Layers - Refrigerate It 
Total Time : 20mins + 2hrs(Freezing Time)

Procedure :

 # Prepare Nutella ButterCream(referred DivineTaste)

Ingredients :

Unsalted Butter                   2 1/2tbsp / 25gm
(at room temperature)
Vanilla / Almond Essence   1/2tsp
Nutella                                  1/4Cup / 85gm
Icing Sugar                          1 1/4Cups / 190gm
(you can also use confectioners sugar OR powdered sugar with a tbsp of corn flour)
Cocoa Powder                     1/4Cup / 50gm
Milk                                      2tbsp

* Beat butter,vanilla and nutella with whisk or hand blender for a min.
* Stir in icing sugar,milk and cocoa powder till it looks smooth in texture.
* You can store this buttercream in air-tight container under refrigeration for a week.

# Biscuit Cake :

* Nutella ButterCream 1 3/4Cups
(OR any cake cream)
* Biscuits   20 for 2layers
(i used thin,small sized biscuits)
* Almond Milk / Plain Milk  1/2Cup
(at room temperature,you can use plain milk also)
* Almond Powder  2tbsp for toppings
(you can use your favourite toppings too)

Biscuit Cake Assembling :

1.Take a square or rectangular shape bowl,lay them with parchment paper/aluminium foil.Spread a thin layer of nutella buttercream into the base.Level it with flat spoon or spatula.

2.Dip biscuit in almond milk and arrange it on the top of the chocolate cream layer with or without leaving any space.

3.Again spread the chocolate cream carefully cover the biscuit layer.Level it.

4.Repeat the Step : 2&3
(Again make biscuit layer & chocolate layer)

5.Top it with almond powder or any toppings of your choice.Slightly press the toppings with spatula/spoon.Cling wrap it and freeze the cake for 2hours.

6.After freezing unwrap it and make slices with a knife.

Yummy No Bake Biscuit Cake is ready !!!

Notes :
1.No. of biscuit layers vary depends on the choice/size of your bowl.
2.You can use any creams for making this biscuit cake
3.You can also freeze this for 2hours.

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