Jan 4, 2017

Poha,Peanut Cereal Mix l Baby Food Recipes 8months+

Poha,peanut cereal powder is a healthy version which gives energy to your babies.Poha Cereals are great no cook food for travelling time.You can feed your babies without cooking by adding hot water/milk.You can also add veg puree,mashed banana with it.Believe me,baby food recipes,i posted here are tasted by my little munchkin Vikram with no worries.Having homemade cereal powders in hand is always helpful for moms and it gives satisfaction too.Peanut causes allery to some babies if he is having historical allergic from family members.So skip once you undergone some discomfort and start feeding after 2-3weeks.

Poha-Aval-Flattened Rice-Beaten Rice

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I used to cook before Vikram reaches 10months with the addition of grated veggies.Add any sweetener of your choice.I always skipped sugar and go ahead with palm sugar.

Poha.Peanut Cereal Powder :
Thats It : Dry Roast poha,peanut - Powder It - Store It - Cook It
Total Time : 10mins
For making porridge : 10mins

Ingredients :

Poha                1Cup
Peanut             1/4Cup
Palm Candy    1/2Cup (optional)

Procedure :

1.Heat a pan in low flame,add peanuts and dry roast it for 2mins without getting burnt.Keep aside.

2.Now add poha and roast it till it becomes crisp,it takes 2-3mins.Do not change the colour.Keep aside.

3.Now your peanuts were cooled down,so crush it by your palms to remove the skin.Must do for baby recipes.

4.Take the poha into the mixie jar and grind into a fine powder.Transfer into the plate by sieving.

5.Add palm jaggery,peanut into the jar and make into a fine powder.Sieve it.

6.Mix well till it blends with each other.After cooling down,store it into the air-tight container.

Homemade Poha,Peanut Cereal Powder is ready !!!

How To Make Poha,Peanut Porridge ?

No-Cook Version :
Poha,Peanut Cereal Powder   2tbsp
Hot Water                               3/4Cup (i used 1Cup here)
Ghee                                       2drops (optional)

Procedure :
* Take small bowl with 2tbsp of poha,peanut cereal powder.
* Add hot water (i add cooked carrot & beetroot water)and close it with lid and wait for 7-8mins.
* Then mix your veg purees or even banana.
* Add ghee depends on the recipe.

 Poha,Peanut Cereal is ready to serve !!!

Notes :
1.You can also skip sweetener while making cereal powder and add salt with veggies or simply mashed banana is enough.

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