Jan 3, 2017

Spinach Chapathi-Keerai Chapathi-Palak Chapathi

Spinach chapathi/keerai chappathi is an ultimate way for kids who refused to eat spinach/keerai.Spinach is a wonderful green-leafy vegetables which is a great source of vitamin A,vitamin K,vitamin C,dietary fibre,manganese,folate,magisium,iron,copper,vitamin B2,vitamin B6 and potassium.Spinach is good for all age groups.Excellent intake during pregnancy which provides iron content to your body and prevents from contipation.

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I usually prepare stir-fry,dal with spinach and prefer to make spinach chapathi/poori with leftover spinach.This way your kids loved to eat greens without making any drama.Spinach is a must-buy greens for us,its a kind order from My Man.So we used to buy atleast 3variety from markets.Sometimes i got bored to cook,so loved to make these kind of chapathi.

Spinach Chapathi / Keerai Chapathi :
Thats It : Wash, cook spinach - Spinach Puree - Make Chapathi
Total Time : 10mins Soaking Time : 10mins Chapathi Making : 10mins
[Meanwhile prepare your gravy for spinach chapathi]
Yields : 8-9Chapathis

Ingredients :
Spinach                          1 1/2 Cup tightly packed
[ any variety 1bunch ]
Cumin seeds/jeeragam   1tsp
Green chilli                    1
Sambar pdr                    1/2tsp
Garam Masala               1/4tsp
Sugar                             1/4tsp

For making Chapathi :
Whole-Wheat Flour       2Cups [+1/4Cup for dusting]
Salt                                 1tsp
Oil/ghee                         2tbsp [+ for drizzling]
Spinach Paste        
[spinach puree with its water is enough to form a dough]

Procedure :

# Deseperate leaves from the stem and wash it thoroughly.
[Dont wash after chopping/cutting the leaves/veggies as it loosens nutritients]

1.Heat a pan with spinach leaves,cumin seeds,green chilli,sugar,less amount of water.

2.Mix it now and then.Cook till it cooked ,now it looks dark in colour.Switch off the flame and keep aside for coolind down.Transfer the mixture into the mixie jar,reserve the cooked water,now add spice powders and make a puree out of it.Reserve the paste and add the reserved(cooked) water into the jar,then add it to the spinach puree by cleaning the jar.

3.Take wholewheat flour,salt in a wide bowl,roughly mix it and add spinach puree into it.Roughly mix it with spoon/fork and gradually add reserved water into it.Now knead the mixture by your hands and form a non-syicky chapathi dough.Drizzle oil and rest it for 10mins.

4.After 10mins divide the dough into small balls.Slightly press it, dust it with flour and flatten it.

5.Heat a chapathi pan with medium-high flame,add flattened chapathi on it.Drizzle few drops of ghee/oil on the top of the chapathi and cook for a min.Flip the chapathi after some spots appeared on it then cook for a min.Take it out and place it inside the casserole or enjoy hot.

Hot and Healthy Spinach Chapathi is ready !!!

Enjoy with any gravies.

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