Jan 15, 2017

Tomato Jam / Thakkali Jam

Tomato Jam is a very commonly used jam which we all love to have with.Kids favourite roti & bread spread.When you have huge amount of excess tomatoes,this jam is the best choice.When i have visited my friend Rabeka last week at her home,she ask for any tomato based recipe as she had lots of excess tomatoes.And finally she asked me to try tomato jam recipe then i prepared this yummy jam for the first time.I simply followed blanching and halwa making technique.I have not added any preservative too.It turns out so tasty.

Tomato Jam :
Thats It : Partial Cook - Deskin - Make Puree - Cook in sugar
Total Time : 20mins
Yields : 1 1/4Cup

Ingredients :

Tomatoes                        7(i used 3big & 4small)
Sugar                              1Cup 
Cardamom Powder        1/2tsp
Ghee OR Lemon Juice   1tsp

Procedure :

1.Wash all the tomatoes.Remove the eyes and make a slit(plus sign over it).

2.Boil water and add tomatoes,close it with lid and cook for 
3to4mins.Keep aside the pan for cooling down.Gently remove the tomato skin.

3.Add deskin tomatoes in mixie jar,puree it.

4.Add the puree into the hot pan and cook till it thickens,it takes 3-4mins.

5.Now add sugar and mix it well.Sugar melts and the mixture becomes gooey.After 2-3mins the mixture becomes thick,add little ghee.Add cardamom powder when the mixture start leaving the sides of the pan.
Switch off the flame.
Cool down and store it in air-tight container.

Spread it over your kids roti,biscuit and breads

Yummy and Tasty Homemade Jam is ready !!!

Notes :
1. Add any one ingredient either ghee or lemon.
2.Bagalore tomatoes gives nice colour,i used normal here.
3.Add tomatoes in hot water and cook covered for 3-4mins only.
4.Dont forget to remove the eyes.
5.No need to remove the seeds.
6.Puree quantity equals sugar in ratio.
7.Keep it under refrigeration.

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