Jan 16, 2017

Vanjaram Meen Fry / Simple Fish Fry

Fish is a great source of heart-healthy lean protein.Vanjaram Meen / King Fish is a rich-source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and also packed with protein,vitamin B12 ans selenium.Seafood is low in saturated fat and high in omega-3 acids.It protects our heart from disease and lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood.Eating oil-rich fish regularly can help to keep the eyes bright and healthy.

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This King Fish fry is very simple to make and turns out great in taste.I have posted king fish fry already with different marination.Again this is also my friend rabeka's preparation when i met last week at her home.She prepared village style vanjaram meen kuzhambu,meen varuval for us.It tastes so good as am a great fan of fish.Her meen kuzhambu is same as my mom's preparation.As she said no need to add ginger-garlic paste,lemon juice to fish.And adding lemon juice speed up the marination process.She marinated fish pieces with very simple masala that is our red chilli powder only but it tastes so good.

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Vanjaram Meen Varuval :
Thats It : Clean & Cut Fish - Marinate - Shallow Fry
Total Time :30mins

Fish Cleaning:
1.Take the fish pieces from the freezer and give it to the room temperature.
2.Rinse under water.
3.In a plate,add water (1/2 Cup) ,turmeric powder( 1/2 tsp) OR vinegar (1 tsp) OR one lemon(juice).
4.Dip the pieces(2 sides) for 5mins.
5.Then rinse two times under water.Drain the water completely OR Pat dry with towel.

Ingredients :

Vanjaram Meen              2big slices
Turmeric Powder           a pinch
Red Chilli Powder         1 1/2tsp
Perunjeeragam powder  1/2tsp (sombu)
Salt                                 3/4tsp

Oil                                  3tbsp (to deep fry)

Procedure :

1.Cut cleaned fish pieces into blocks or as per your family preference.

2.Marination : Add turmeric powder,red chilli powder,salt,sombu and coat the fish pieces well.Close it with lid and rest it for 20mins.

2.Heat a tawa or dosa pan in low flame,add a tbsp of oil,now gently add marinated fish pieces.Leave atleast 1/2cm space between each fish pieces for the even and better cooking.Cook for 2-3mins,drizzle a tbsp of oil and genly flip over to other side.Add a tbsp of oil and cook for 2mins and take it out and drain it on paper towels.

Simple and tasty King Fish Fry is ready !!!

Serve it with onion rings and fried curry leaves.

Notes :
1.Try this simple marination for any variety of fish.