Feb 20, 2017

Fish Cutlet


Cutlet is a popular and healthy snack among kids.Preparing cutlets are easy part for me as i used to prepare often for making cutlets,sandwiches and burger.Fish cutlet is my recent try and it turns out so tasty.My Man & Gautham loved it a lot.I tried this cutlets with salmon fish,you can try with any variety of fishes.
Last week i tried baked salmon fish fry ,it turns out tasty but juicy too.My Man was not liked that much and (request me to hold experiments when he is on holiday) so we hav some remaining piece from that.I was really felt bad and planned to try something with that piece.So it happened to try.Believe me,it turns out so tasty.He appreciated me for this and i was flying on the sky.Yes,what will be the happiest thing for Wife/Mom/Blogger than this.

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Fish Cutlet :
Thats It : Cook Fish - Make dry stuffing - Fish patties - Shallow Fry
Total Time : 20-25mins
Makes : 6Cutlets

Ingredients :

Fish Piece             150gm / 1slice 
[1/3rd portion from below fish piece]
[i used salmon fish,you can use any variety here]

Oil                         1tbsp
Big onion              1no
Ginger                   1tsp 
Garlic                    1Pod 
Green chilli           1no
Potato                    2medium sized
Bread Slice            2nos
Sambar Powder    1tsp
Garam Masala Powder  1/4tsp (optional)
Mint OR Coriander Leaves   1Sprig
Salt                        3/4tsp

Fish Patty :
*Binding agent : Bread slice 1/Maida OR Corn flour 1tbsp /Bread Crumbs 2tbsp
* Maida/Corn Flour Paste : 3tbsp flour with 4tbsp water
* Bread Crumbs for coating : 3/4Cup
* Oil for shallow fry  : 5tbsp
Procedure :

# Wash fish piece and seperate your required quantity to make fish cutlets.
# Boil water in a pan and add fish pieces.Cook for 5mins then take it out.
# Shred it

# Wash Potatoes,peel off the skin,cut into cubes,pressure cook for 2whistles Or microwave it for 3-4mins.
# Mash It roughly.

1.Heat a tawa,add a tbsp of oil,chopped green chilli,ginger,garlic pieces,chopped onion,mint leaves,fry it for couple of mins.

2.Add mashed potatoes,sambar powder,garam masala powder,salt and fry it for 2mins till the raw smell goes off.

3.Now add the star ingredient shredded fish pieces and fry till the mixture becomes dry .It takes 2-3mins.Switch off the flame.Cool Down.

4.Add bread crumbs and mix it well.Make maida paste in bowl and breadcumbs on plate.Take some amount of fish mixture and make rounds,then slightly press it for making patty.

4.Dip in the patties gently into the maida paste then coaat both sides on bread crumbs.

5.Heat a dosa tawa on low-medium flame,drizzle 2tbsp of oil arrange the fish patties gently on tawa and drizzle oil over it.Cook for couple of mins then flip it over,again drizzle oil.

6.Cook for 2mins or till turns golden brown in colour.Take the fried cutlets gently and place it on paper towels.

Fish Cutlets are ready!!!

Notes :
1.First cook fish and simultanously potatoes too,then proceed.
2.Adding mint leaves gives different taste and i prefer coriander leaves but that time i was not having so replaced with moint leaves.

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