Feb 23, 2017

Homemade Play-Doh l DIY Play Dough l Kids Corner

Playing with Play-Doh is a very interesting activity for kids.It improves their strength both physically and mentally.It improves their creativity in so many ways.Kids love to model their own views and dreams through this play.They love to touch play-dough for its texture.Non-toxic play-dough is not a harmful one.

My kid is also not an exception in this case as he madly loves play-dough and i too encourage him.He was enjoying and make so many creative models with play-dough.He started loving, playing with dough from his 2.5years and still he is crazy with that.So i make play-doh with available food colors at home and surprise him often.He never missed to ask little amount of roti/chapathi dough while am rolling and nowadays i used to reserve some quantity for him.Am the Mom who runs behind him to capture every special moment,So no doubt with the clicks.Lets see how to make instant  No-Cook Play Doh.

DIY Play-Doh :
Combine flour,salt,water,oil,food colors - Knead - Make a Dough
Total Time : 10mins

Ingredients : 

Plain Flour / Maida / All Puropose flour     1Cup + 2tbsp
Fine Salt / Table Salt                                    1/2Cup
Water                                                            1/2Cup
Oil                                                                1tbsp
Food Colors                                                  4-5drops

Here i have prepared dough using 3colors pink,blue,light green(i triple the ingredients quantity)

Procedure :

1.Measure and add plain flour in a wide bowl.

2.Add salt and mix it well for the better mixing.

3.Take 3 bowls wide bowl,add water,food colors,oil and mix it well using spoon.

4.Add flour and roughly mix it using spoon,now the dough obsorps all the water and looks crumbly.

5.Now knead the crumbled dough using hands to form a pliable dough.

6.Keep the dough on flour dusted flat surface and knead well to get non-sticky dough.

Pink Color Play-Doh

Light Green Color Play-Doh

Blue Color Play-Doh

Store It In Air-Tight Container.


Surprise Your Kids !!!

Notes :

* This is a easy to make No-Cook version of Play-Doh
* It stays good at room temperature for 4days and one week under refrigeration(i tested til today,will update the shelf life further)
* You can make small quantity with available food colors. 

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