Feb 27, 2017

Kesar Badam Milk / Saffron Almond Milk l Saffron Milk

[Kesar - Saffron - kungumappoo ,
Badam - Almond ]

Kesar Badam Milk is a very healthy choice for kids especially for women during pregnancy.Saffron is called as 'King Of Spices' for its health benifits.Saffron is rich in folic acid,thyamin,niacin,riboflavins and Vitamin A and C.It is generally added in the desserts and traditional dishes to give a royal touch.Always limit the saffron intake 5-10strands per day as it lead to severe discomfort.

Saffron Benifits during pregnancy :
It controls blood pressure,relieves morning sickness & cramps in legs,protects from heart disease,prevents mood swings,improves digestion,reduces hairfall,keeps your body cool.
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Two days back around 4pm,i was craving for sweet and suddenly prepared this milk and clicked too.It tastes so good,me and gautham relaxed drinking as viki is sleeping that time.Try this and stay healthy.
Happy Pregnancy !!!

Kesar Badam Milk :
Thats It : Boil Milk - Add saffron strands,nuts - Cook - ~Serve
Total Time : 10mins
Serves : 2persons

Ingredients :
Full Fat Milk              1 1/2Cups
Water                          1/2Cup
Saffron                        7-8Strands
Nuts Powder /  Badam Powder   1tbsp
Sugar / Palm Sugar      2tbsp

[Instant Nuts Mix : Grind Almond - 3,Cashew - 2,Pista - 4-5,Cardamom - 1pod]

Procedure :

# Prepare instant nuts powder if you are not having 
nuts mix in hand.

1.Boil milk and water in medium flame.

2.Add saffron strands into the boiled milk.

3.Add nuts mix and stir it once for the lump-free powder.Keep the flame to low and cook for 2mins.

4.Add sugar / palm candy and mix it well then cook for a min.Switch off the flame.Starin it and serve.

Kesar-Badam Milk is ready !!!

Notes :
1.Prepare instant nuts powder if you are not having nuts mix in hand.
2.You can also skip nuts and have plain saffron milk.
3.Dont add too much quantity of saffron strands than mentioned (in a day) as it may tend to face some difficulties.

Happy Pregnancy !!!

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