Feb 26, 2017

Sago-Urad-Rice Powder / Porridge

[Sago - Javvarisi - Sabudana,Urad dhal - Ulundhu]

Sago & Urad is a best combination ever which gives numerous health benifits to our bodies.Babies can easily digest sago and urad dhal.This porridge is a wholesome food for your babies as it is rich in vitamins,minerals,protein and carbohydrates.I came across myhealthykiddo when i was searching homemade powders for Viki.It sounds interesting and healthy too.Sago is preferred as first baby food recipes as they are easily digestible and non-allergenic.I alter the proportions with the addition of rice.Its very easy when homemade powders are in hand.You can serve this to toddlers  and elders too.

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Sago-Urad-Rice Powder/Porridge : 7months+
Thats It : Wash & Dry  Roast - Powder It - Make Porridge
Total Time : 30mins
Shelf Life : 4months

Ingredients :

Urad Dhal           3/4Cup
Sago                    1/2Cup  (i used small variety)
Cooking Rice      1/4Cup

Procedure :

# Wash sago,urad dhal and cooking rice seperately and drain the water completely.Spread it on the cotton cloth and let them dry for 10mins.

1.Dry roast sago in low flame for 2-3mins or till it pops and turns light brown in colour.Transfer it to the plate and let them cool.
Grind it to a fine powder and transfer it to the big bowl.

2.Again do the same process for Urad dhal also.

3.Again do the same process for Rice also.

4.Mix all the powders very well with a spoon or sieve it.[i skipped sieving]

Store it in the air-tight container.

Notes : 
1.Atlast take 3powders into the jar and grind it for the better mix.
2.Sieve it to get the fine powder(i skipped).

Sago-Urad-Rice Porridge : 

Sago-Urad-Rice Powder       2tbsp
Water                                     1 1/2Cup
Palm Jaggery / Palm Candy  1 1/2tbsp 
(panangarkandu or karuppatti)

[Use sweet and salt after your baby reaches 8months or 12months]

1.Heat a pan with water,add the sago mix and stir it well for the lump-free porridge.

2.Cook in low flame for 6-8mins,now it thickens.

3.Add palm jaggery / Palm candy and cook for 2mins.Cool down.

Serve it warm.

Sago-Urad-Rice powder is ready !!!

Notes :
Reduce or increase the powder quantity depends on your kids month/age.Start feeding with small quantity.

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