Mar 29, 2017

Avacado Milkshake / Avacado Creamy Shake

[ Avacado - Butter Fruit - Alligator Pear ]

Avacado is a stone fruit with a creamy texture which provides heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fatty acids.Its a highly recommended fruit for weight gaining kids.It tastes so good with creamy texture.
Avacado Benifits
Great for vision 
Cardiac Cure
Lower risk of depression
Natural Detoxification
Protection from chronic disease

I was very busy for the last 10days by roaming around the oman tourist places.Yes!!!BIL family came from india and the interesting thing is it was totally a surprise for me.My Man and they used to hide the news about their oman visit to give me a surprise.Really i was shocked and surprised while opening the door.I was enjoyed a lot with them and i totally handed-over my kids to them.Me and akka(co-sister) enjoy cooking,chatting,shopping and so on.We visited so many places in oman and enjoy clicking it.I will update the pics in My Travel Tale soon.

You can replace milk with coconut milk for the rich taste.I added nuts powder with avacado and it tastes great,it keeps our stomach full for a longer time.You can feed this yummy and healthy shake to your babies once they reach 8months.

Avacado Milkshake :
Thats It : Deseed Avacado - Add Milk,Sugar - Blend
Total Time : 5mins
Serves : 1person

Ingredients :

Ripen Avacado      1no.
Milk                       2Cups
Nuts Powder          2tbsp
Vanilla Essence      1/4tsp (optional)
Sugar                      2tbsp

Chopped Nuts(1tbsp) for garnishing

Procedure :

1.Remove the eye part of an avacado and slightly press it for checking the ripeness.Slice the fruit by half without disturbing the seed.Make a cut on the seed and twist it to remove from the fruit.Scoop out the fruit part using the spoon.

2.In a mixie jar,add avacado fruit,vanilla essence,nuts powder,milk,sugar and blend it for a minute.Serve it chill with icecubes.

Avacado Milkshake is ready !!!


1.You can replace plain milk with thin coconut milk.
2.You can replace nuts powder with badam powder too.
3.You can also add nuts powder and badam powder while boiling the milk and cook it then use it after cooling the milk.

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