Mar 9, 2017

Homemade Rose Milk l How to Prepare Rose Milk At Home? l Rose Milk Without Rose syrup

Rose Milk is everyone's favourite drink from our childhood days.Preparing rose milk at home is interesting and esay too.When i was searching for rose milk recipe,i came across the rose syrup preparation which is very important to make rose milk.I was in a hurry that day and skipped preparing rose syrup as a seperate one and prepared this way with rose essence.I was prepared for the very first time and it turns out so tasty.

I hardly search for above little glass Jug and finally found it and clicked(yayyyy!!!).Gautham and my friends loved this a lot.Try this and surprise your kids and spouse!!!

Rose Milk Recipe :
Thats It : Boil Milk - Add sugar,food clr,rose essence - Chill It
Total Time : 20mins 
Serves :2Tall Glasses

VIDEO : Rose Milk

Ingredients :

If you are having rose syrup in hand,simply boil and cool the milk then add rose syrup 4-5tbsp,ice cubes and serve it.

Procedure :
1.Heat a pan in medium flame with milk and wait till it boils then reduce the flame to low.

2.Add Sugar,mix it and cook for 2mins.

3.Now red/pink food clr drops and cook for a min,now milk reduced little in quantity.Switch Off The Flame.

4.Add rose essence to the milk and completely cool down and strain it to remove the milk cheese layer(paalaadai).

5.Add Ice cubes or refrigerate it.

Homemade Rose Milk Is Ready !!!

Serve It Chill !!!

Notes :
* You can replace 1/2Cup of water with 1/2Cup of milk quantity.
* Add 2 drops of red or pink food color then increase adding the drops if needed
* You can add sugar upto 5tbsp not more than that because after simmering milk with sugar for few mins it lifts the sweet taste.
* Rose Essence 3drops are enough for me

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