Mar 13, 2017

Nendran BANANA PUREE (Steamed) l Baby Food Recipes

Banana Puree is a very healthy option for our kids once they reached 6months of age.Banana puree is considered as very first solid food by all Moms.Nendran Banana is also not an exception to this.You can start feeding your infants from 7months but in a steamed version.They are highly recommended for its nutrition-rich benifits especially for less weight infants.Choose a ripen nendran banana for baby food recipes and steam it for better digestion.You can add this puree into your baby food recipes.

Last week Viki undergone vomitting and loose motion and its very common in babies because of new foods or outside foods.So i recieved so many remedies with easily digestive foods for treating  loose motion.My neighbour recommend this steamed idli,nendran banana,sago porridge which tightens their motion.Usually nendran banana takes little extra time to digest so steaming is recommended.And for toddlers and adults without steaming is ok.When our loved ones are sick we usually open our hearts to receive so many remedies from internet,parents,neighbours and friends.Eventhough every tip is trusted one,choose few of them and follow that for few days rather trying all tips.Neighbours are the one who helps you first when you are in trouble.So spread the love.

Nendran BANANA PUREE(Steamed) l Baby Food Recipes 7months+
Thats It : Choose Ripen Nendran Banana - Steam It - Puree It
Total Time : 10-15mins
Yields : 1/2Cup (1time serving)

VIDEO : Steamed Nendran Banana Puree

Ingredients :
Nendran Banana / Kerala Banana    1/2 banana (ripen)
Water                                                1/4Cup

Procedure :

1.Choose a ripen nandran banana,remove the banana skin and cut into slices.

2.Choose any steaming methods.
[i added banana slices into silver bowl and place it inside the water filled,stand placed cooker.Now close with the lid and pressure cook for 2-3whistles in low flame.]I generally follow this method.

3.After pressure releases,open the lid, carefully take it out and cool down completely.Cooked banana looks dark yellow in colour.

4.Mash the steamed banana or puree it using blender with little amount(1/4Cup) of water.

Healthy Nendran Banana Puree is Ready !!!

Notes :
1.Feed normal ripen banana to your babies from their six months as puree or mashed one.
2.Feed steamed nendran banana till 10months of age and it is recommend for babies who undergoes loose motion.

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