Mar 9, 2017

Sabja Seeds Rose Milk l Basil Seeds Rose Milk

[Sabja Seeds - Chia Vidhai - Basil seeds - Tukhmaria ]

Rose Milk with sabja seeds are an interesting recipe with preparation.Basil Seeds has numerous amount of health benifits.People prefer this to our diet for its body coolant and weight loss act.It also relieves constipation,keeps your body hydrated, removes skin infection,respiratory order,sore throats,boosts brain development  and acts as stress reliever.The texture of soaked sabja seeds looks fluffy after it soaked and tastes so soft.There are so many basil types available named sweet basil,scented basil,holi basil and so on.

When i planned to make mango falooda for(last month) Valentine's Day i bought this from shop for the first time.After that i prepared this Sabja ROSE MILK for our friend's baby shower function in my apartment.Everyone loved it a lot.Do try this healthy drink and stay fit.

Sabja Seeds Rose Milk : 
Thats It : Prepare Rose Milk - Add in soaked sabja seeds - Serve Chill
Total Time : 20mins
Serves : 2Tall Glasses

Ingredients :

Procedure :

# Follow this ROSE MILK method 
OR prepare Rose Syrup and proceed the steps.

Rose Syrup :
Sugar 1Cup
Water 3/4Cup
Red / Pink Food Clr 10drops
Rose Essence  1/2tsp

* Boil water in heavy-bottomed pan,add sugar and dissolve it.
* Cook for 4mins and add food colour,again cook for 2mins.Now syrup consistency is thick means little thinner than honey.
* Switch off the flame and add rose essence.
* Completely cool down and store it under refrigeration.

Use it for your kheer,fruit drinks,falooda and so on.

Procedure :

1.Soak 2tbsp in 3/4-1Cup of water and rest it for 20mins or it blooms up completely.It takes 20-30mins.

2.Boil milk and cool down completely.

3.Strain it to remove the cheese layer(paaladai) from cooled milk.Keep aside.

4.Add Rose Syrup,required sugar as rose syrup has sugar in it.Mix Well.

5.Add Ice cubes and soaked sabja seeds into the rose milk.Sabja seeds floats up always.

6.Refrigerate It and serve It chill.

Sabja ROSE MILK is ready !!!

1.You can serve this soaked sabja seeds and rose syrup with your kheer, fruit drink,falooda and so on.
2.Prepare rose syrup or follow this method.

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