Apr 20, 2017

Potato-Peas Corquettes l Kids Party Starter

Corquettes are a crispy layered, tempting appetizer containing mashed potato as main ingredient with veggies or meats.This corquettes are new to me until i googling for party starters for my My Man's Birthday.It is very interesting recipe and similar to Corn Cheese Balls.Potato is the main ingredient here and i added peas into this to make it more healthier.

Crispy outer layer and soft inner layer is always favourite for kids and adding cheese is double bonanza for them.You can also add minced chicken or fish or veggies too.Try this for any party and everyone loved it for sure.Serve this yummy snack with tomato ketch-up and mayonaisse.

Potato-Peas Corquettes :
Thats It : Cook Veggies - Add Spices/herbs - Coat & Deep Fry
Total Time : 40-45mins
Makes : 12corquettes

Ingredients :
Potato    2large-sized
Peas       1Cup
Cheese   3/4Cup

Big Onion         1 [optional]
Chilli Flakes     2tsp [or green chilli - 2nos]
Fine Herbs        1tsp
Pepper Powder  3/4tsp                   
Bread Crumbs   3tbsp [ bread - 1slice]
Salt                    to taste

All purpose flour   1/2Cup
Corn Flour             4tbsp
Water                     1/2Cup+
Bread Crumbs       1Cup

Procedure :

# Wash potatoes and peel off the skin.

1.Cut potatoes into medium-sized cubes,add into the pressure cooker along with peas,little salt with immersing level of water and pressure cook for 3whistles.
[You can also steam or microwave for cooking potatoes and peas]

2.After pressure releases,drain the water completely and mash it coarsely using masher.

3.Add chopped onion,green chilli,pepper powder,fine herbs,bread crumbs/bread,salt,cheese into the mashed potato-peas mixture and mix it well.Mixture should be moisture-free and tight.

4.Grease your palm with few drops of oil and divide the mixture into 12 or as per your desired size.Make it as round balls then roll it slightly as cylindrical shape or any desired shape.

5.Add all purpose flour,water into the wide bowl and mix it well for lump-free batter.It should be in thinner consistency.
    * Take the rolled corquette and coat corn flour by rolling on it.
     * Now dip into the maida/all purpose flour paste.
     * Finally coat with breadcrumbs by rolling onto it for the crispy outer layer.

[You can refrigerate it then deep fry it whenever needed]

6.Deep fry the corquettes by adding gently into the low-medium hot oil.Flip it now and then for even cooking.Fry it till it turns golden brown in colour.Drain it on paper towels.

Serve It With Tomato Ketch-Up or Mayonaisse !!!


1.You can skip fine herbs and add sambar powder 2tbsp to have indian-style corquettes.
2.Pressure cook or steam the potato-peas for cooking.
3.Adding bread slice /bread crumbs to the mixture acts as a binding agent.
4.You can refrigerate the coated corquettes then deep fry it whenever needed.
5.Serve it hot for melted cheese.

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