Apr 5, 2017

Rava Ladoo / Rava Urundai / Semolina Ladoo

Rava Ladoo is a common sweet which can be prepared in all homes.Even freshers will try this without any discomfort.This will be the easy and tasty sweet to gift your friends and family.I love Mt Mom's version of rava ladoo.I loved this from my childhood.This is the sweet which my mom prepared in bulk and send it to his Son In Law(My Man) always as he loves rava ladoo a lot.

Mom used to reduce the ghee quantity and increase the milk quantity for small batches.She powdered some quantity of rava while making rava ladoos.It tastes so good in tastewise and also in  texturewise.Recipe pics i posted here are clicked 1year back when My Mom was with me for Viki's delivery.So she used to prepare in bulk and store it for us before she left from Oman.Lets learn how to prepare rava ladoo?

Rava Ladoo / Rava Urundai :
Thats It : Roast Rava - Add hot ghee in rava,sugar - Hold Ladoos
Total Time : 20mins
Makes : 12-13ladoos

Ingredients :

Procedure :

1.Dry roast rava in low-medium flame for a minute or till the aroma wafts.Dont burn it by over roasting otherwise it will give bitter taste.Transfer into the plate and cool down completely.

2.Measure the sugar quantity and add into the mixie jar,powder it.

3.Take 3/4Cup of roasted rava into the mixie jar and powder it finely.[leave  1/4Cup or you can powder the whole 1cup]

4.In a wide bowl add roasted rava,powdered rava,powdered sugar,cardamom powder and mix it well.

5.Now heat a small pan with 3tbsp Or 1/4Cup of ghee then add broken cashews.After it browns add raisins,immedietely switch off the flame after it bloats.

6.Transfer the fried cashews into the rava mixture immediately and mix it with spoon.I added 3tbsp of ghee only so used 2tbsp of milk to the mixture to make ladoos.The mixture should be crumble.

7.Apply a drop of ghee to your hands and take small amount of rava mixture and make a round balls when it is warm.If your mixture becomes cool then just heat it for 30secs then start rolling.

Cool down the ladoos completely then store it in air-tight container.At room temperature it stays good for a week without milk and good for 3-4days with milk. 

Rava Ladoo is Ready!!!

Notes :
1.Use 1/4Cup of ghee and add 1-2tbsp of milk if needed OR reduce the ghee quantity and increase the milk quantity.
2.Grinding the roasted rava is optional.Mom used to grind 3/4th quantity of rava.

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