Apr 13, 2017

Rose Kheer / Rose flavoured sago-vermicelli payasam l Tamil New Year Recipes

Rose kheer is a delicious and rich dessert which can be prepared during festive seasons.Its nothing but flavour up your favourite type of kheer with fresh rose petals Or rose syrup Or rose essence.I prepared this kheer with my Valentine's Day Red Rose which was gifted by My Man.You can choose rose coloured rose which is apt for this kheer.I am using rose essence too as am using red rose.It tastes so good and the flavour was divine,everyone loves it a lot.Try this different variety of kheer this Tamil New Year.
Happy Tamil New Year !!!

Rose Kheer / Rose flavoured sago-vermicelli payasam :

Thats It : Soak sago - Roast vermicelli - cook in milk - add rose petals.sugar 
Total Time : 30mins + 30mins
Serves : 6Persons

Ingredients :
Sago / Javvarisi        3/4Cup
Semiya / Vermicelli  1/2Cup
Milk                          3Cups
Water                        3Cups
Sugar                         1Cup+
Rose                          1flower
Rose Essence            2drops
Cardamom                1/2tsp

Ghee                         1tbsp
Cashews                   6-8nos
Raisins                     4-6nos

[Use rose coloured rose flower Or rose syrup Or rose essence.Choose anyone for adding the rose flavour.]

Procedure :

# Soak sago with enough water for 30mins
# Seperate the rose petals fron its flower,tear it OR make a paste with little amount of water

1.Heat a seeding pan with ghee then add cashews,raisins,after it puffs it keep them aside.
# Roast vermicelli for a min.I skipped roasting as i used store-bought roasted vermicelli.Keep them aside.

2.Cook sago in water and milk when its fully turns transparent then add semiya and cook them completely.

3.Add rose petals and sugar and cook for 3-4mins.

4.Finally add essence,cardamom and cook for a min.Switch Off the flame.

5.Finally add fried cashews then serve it chilled.

Rose Payasam is ready !!! 

Notes :
1.Use crushed petals or make them as a paste.
2.Choose rose essence or real rose petals or simply go for rose syrup.
3.You can use rose flavoured ingredient to any type of kheer.

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