May 19, 2017

Dates Peda l How To make Dates Peda?

Dates peda is my recent try which is a super hit at home.You can try this and surprise your kids.Believe me,they cant able to find the presence of dates.I add chopped dates to the milk peda recipe.If you want pack your homemade sweets to your friends and relatives,i recommend this quick and healthy dates peda recipe.My Man,Gautham and Little Viki too loved it a lot.
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Last week i planned to make dates paalkova by using oven method and was ready with the ingredients too but finally i noticed that my silicon spatula is missed as i planned to shoot.So i changed my plan and thought of making dates peda with the same ingredients.Initially am hesitate with the addition of curd instead of milk powder but tried and tasted it turns out delicious.Cleared my doubts with Chitra(Citra's Food Book) before posting.She always gave her reply in a positive way.After every phonetalk my confidence level stepped into next level.Thank You dear!!! It turns out great in taste.So i feel proud to be a recipe developer.

Dates Peda l Khajoor Peda :
Thats It : Blend Dates,Condensed Milk,Curd - Cook in simmer - Make Shapes
Total Time : 20 + 10mins
Makes 14pedas

VIDEO : Dates Peda 

Ingredients : 

Ghee      3tbsp
Dates     12nos
Condensed Milk   1tin(397gms)
[Or milk powder 4tbsp]
Thick Curd           3/4Cup
Nutmeg Powder / Cardamom Powder 1/4tsp
Chopped Nuts       2tbsp + 1tbsp

Procedure :
# Dessed dates and chop it roughly.

1.Heat a heavy-bottomed pan in low flame,add 1/2tbsp of ghee and chopped dates into it.Fry for a min and add 1/2tbsp of ghee and wait till it gathers.

2.Now slowly add condensed milk and blend with dates using whisk.

3.Now add curd and blend it well using whisk.

4.Now the dates melted in mixture and the colour changes into brown.The dates mixture starts to thicken,now add 1tbsp ghee and stir it.

5.Add 2tbsp of chopped nuts into it.[You can reserve some quantity of dates mixture for your kids those who dont like nuts]

6.Add nutmeg powder and mix well.Now the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan.Check it by tilting the pan,if the mixture moves as whole mass its perfect.Add 1/2tbsp of ghee and mix it.Switch off the flame and cool down.

7.Cool down the mixture completely.Grease your palm with little ghee and take small amount of dates mixture and roll it as a round then pat it slightly.Now garnish nuts in the centre of the pedas.

Healthy Dates Peda is ready !!!

Notes :
1.Whole process of dates peda should be cooked in low flame to avoid getting burnt.
2.You can replace nutmeg with cardamom powder.I added 3/4Cup curd to get correct sweet tooth level as condensed milk itself too muc sweet taste.
3.It stays good at room temperature for 3days (as i checked for 3days)

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