May 28, 2017

Jaggery Aval l Sweet Poha l Quick poha snack l Kids Snack Ideas

Jaggery Aval is simply called as sweet aval which is easy to prepare snack within 10mins.The combination of jaggery and aval is very favourite among kids.Your kids will try this for sure.Serve this as evening snack or morning breakfast with banana to kids,it keeps their stomach for longer time. 

Last week,when i organize my pantry,Gautham asked for the snack that he wanted to make.Actually he wanted to bake 2mins microwave mug cake and the best part is he took all the ingredients and arrange it on the kitchen counter top except baking powder.I have aval in my hand so thought of introducing this easy snack which my mom makes.So i convinced him gave him all the ingredients and finally he did it well.I recommend you all mommies to allow their kids(both son & daughter) in kitchen which is so essential in raising kids. 

Jaggery Aval / Sweet Poha :
That It : Mix Aval,jaggery,water,grated coconut & dry ginger powder/cardamom
Total Time : 5-7mins
Serves : 2kids

Ingredients :
Thin Aval   1Cup
Jaggery       1/2Cup
Water          3-4tbsp

Grated Coconut                 2tbsp
Caradamom / Elakkai        2pinches
Dry ginger powder / sukku podi   2pinches

Roasted nuts                       2tbsp (optional)

Procedure :
1.Take a bowl and add a cup of poha.

2.Add 3tbsp of water and mix it well to coat evenly.Make sure that all poha got moisture in it.Close it with a lid and rest it for 2mins.
[If your jaggery have impurities then add water and jaggery into the pan and heat it till it dissolved then add it to the poha by straining.

3.Now grate jaggery and add it to the wet poha.Finally add grated coconut,sukku podi and toasted nuts,dry fruits and give it a mix.

Jaggery Aval is ready !!!

Serve this with banana.

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