May 3, 2017

Phulka l Soft Roti l How To Make Phulka / soft roti l phulka without oil

NO Oil ! NO Maida ! Phulka

Phulka / soft roti is nothing but a puffed roti through direct flame with the help of grill pan and tongs.Simply a slightly roasted chapathi then put on the direct flame which has to be flipped over after puffing.You can skip using the grill pan and make it on direct flame but your burners should be very clean and the edges of the tongs shoud be mild.Making Phulka / Soft roti at home is the interesting thing which i enjoy making it everytime.Me and Gautham loves watching the process of puffing.

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Yes !!! its a staple recipe in my home nowadays.It stays soft and fresh and everyone loves it.You can serve this with any gravies.This is for people who are under diet maintenance without touching a drop of oil/ghee.Here,am using grilling plate as my phulka grill pan which comes with my oven.Try this and stay fit!!!

How To Make Phulka ?
Thats It : Knead Dough - Roll thin - Cook on tawa and direct flame
Total Time : 35mins(includes dough resting time)
Makes : 10phulkas

Ingredients :

Whole Wheat Flour   2Cups 
(for dusting   1/2 Cup)
Salt                             1tsp
Water                          1Cup(+ or - 1tbsp)

Materials Required :

Grill Pan

Procedure :

1.Take 2Cups of whole wheat flour,salt into the big bowl and roughly mix it for better mix.

2.Add half a quantity of water(say 3/4Cup) into the flour and mix it well.Now the mixture looks crumbled in texture.Then gradually add water little by little to form (wet dough) soft and pliable dough.Initially it sticks to your hand,knead it for 2-3mins later on it becomes non-sticky dough.

3.Cover it with lid or damp cloth and rest it for 30 mins.

4.Now take the dough and knead it for a min then divide the dough into small balls.Coat the ball with flour.

5.Dust the surface of the clean flour or roti board,flatten the balls using rolling pin for circle shape or you can use any circle shaped lid to get cutouts.

6.Heat a tawa by medium-high flame and place the flattened roti on tawa,wait till the white spots appeared(10-15secs) then flip over and cook the other side properly till it turns brown in colour(15-20secs).
[one(first) side partial-cook,other side cook properly]

7.Now carefully take the roti and placing(by flipping) on the low-medium flame grill pan or on direct flame,it slowly puffs up then immediately take it and serve it hot.
[If your tongs are very sharp then it makes hole on the roti while flipping which stops from puffing]

            [Partially cooked side should be facing to the flame]

It is recommended to serve phulka immediately or use casserole for later use.

 No Oil ! No Maida ! PHULKA is ready !!!

Notes :
1.You can follow this method with chapathi dough which includes oil.
2.Use grill pan or use direct flame too but your stove burner should be cleaned.
3.Edges of the tongs should be mild otherwise while flipping, your roti will not puff due to the hole present in it.
4.Optional : Brush it with oil/ghee/butter.
5.For 1Cup of flour 1/2Cups of water is enough,sometimes it may increase in quantity by a tbsp which depends on the flour brand(because of the fibre quantity).

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