Aug 18, 2017

Pesaratu Dosai l Onion Pesarattu l Green Gram Dal Dosai l Pachaipayaru Dosai

Pesarattu or Pesara attu or Pesara Dosai is popular in Andhra Pradesh which is eaten at breakfast and as a snack.The batter is made with Whole Green Gram Dal(pachai payaru) which has been soaked and ground with some spices.It is typically served with ginger chutney and tamarind chutney.MLA Pesarattu is popular in Hyderabad which is served with upma in basic pesaratu dosai.

Here,i made some alterations which suits for my family tastebud.To be honest,speading onion and idli podi over the dosai idea was given by My Man.It turns out great.So i named as Onion Pesarattu.Do try this and let me know.

Pesarattu / Green Gram Dal Dosai :
(Pachai payaru Dosai)
Thats It : Soak Dal - Grind With Spices - Make Dosai
Soaking Time : 8hrs/Overnight
Total Time : 30mins

Ingredients :

Whole Green Gram Dal    1Cup
(paasi payaru/pachaipayaru)
Raw Rice / Pacharisi         3tbsp 

Green Chillies    2
Ginger                1/2'inch piece
Cumin seeds / Jeeragam   3/4tsp
Coriander Leaves       1handful(optional)
Hing / Perungaayam  2pinches
Water                  1/2-3/4Cup
Salt                     1tsp

Onion                 1big
Idli podi             2tbsp

Procedure :

# Soak Green Gram & raw rice  for 8hrs / overnight .

1.Rinse and drain the water completely from dal & rice.Add dal,rice into the blender with ginger,green chillies,cumin seeds and coriander leaves.

2.Blend all together as a smooth paste with 1/4Cup of water.Add salt and hing,mix it well.

3.Add required amount of water,batter should not too thin or thick.Heat a dosa tawa in a medium flame.

4.Spread the scoop of batter slowly and roast for a min.

5.Then flip it over other side and wait for 30secs.Serve hot with with your favourite chutney.

Pesarattu is ready to be served !!!

Onion Pesarattu :

# Chop the onion finely.
# Keep ready your favourite idli podi

1.Spread the pesarattu batter on the tawa and sprikle 2tbsp of onion over it.

2.Sprinkle 1/2tsp of idli podi,roast the dosai for a min then flip it over and roast it for half min.Serve it hot.

Onion Pesarattu is ready !!!

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