Sep 30, 2017

JANGIRI SWEET with VIDEO l ஜாங்கிரி l How to make Mini Jangiri sweet ? l Selva's Kitchen

Jangiri is one of the favourite sweets to all.Jangiri is prepared using urad dhal wheareas Jalebi is prepared using all-purpose flour.Most of us getting confused about these two sweets.Even i was getting confused before blogging.Already i have posted jangiri recipe before 4years(batter prepared using mixie) which is my first post.To be honest that was the recipe which was given to start this beautiful blogging journey.

Thats It : Soak and Grind dhal - Deep Fry - Soak in sugar syrup
Soaking Time : 1hr
Cooking Time : 30-40mins
Makes : 30mini jangiris

Ingredients :

Urad dhal      1/2Cup
Water            1/2-3/4 for grinding
Orange Food colour   4pinches
Rice flour/Corn flour  1tsp
Salt                              2Pinches(optional)

Sugar  3/4Cup
Water  1/2Cup
Orange Food Colour  2pinches
Rose Essence             3drops OR
Cardamom Powder    3/4tsp
Lemon juice from      1/2lemon

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Procedure :

#Wash & Soak Urad dhal for 1-2hrs with enough water.
# Drain the water completely.

1.Add urad dhal into the grinder.Grind till smooth by adding water little by little.It may take 1/2Cup to 3/4Cup.It takes 20mins to grind the batter.Add little amount of ground batter into the bowl of water.Correct Consistency :It should float on the water without dissolving.Transfer thw batter into the bowl.

2.Add food colour,salt and rice flour then mix it very well.

3.Take a ziplock cover Or piping bag Or traditional jangiri piping cloth.Here,i choose ziplock cover and stuff the batter inside it carefully.Place a bowl for the ziplock cover's support.Roll it tight and clip it.Make small hole at one end with scissors.Keep aside.

4.Sugar Syrup
Add sugar,water into the pan and heat it by low flame for 5-7mins until sticky.No need for One-String Consistency.After 5mins,add orange food colour and switch off the flame.

5.Now add rose essence Or cardamom powder,lemon juice.Adding lemon juice is to prevent crystallization in the syrup.Keep aside.

6.Heat a heavy-bottomed flat pan with enough oil and 2-3tbsp of ghee in low flame.(you can also 50%oil and 50%ghee).

7.Before start frying just practice the shapes.
For big size jangiri : Make 2circles continously and make small swirls over it.
For mini jangiri  : Make a small circle and make 2swirls/circles over it.

8.Start piping your jangiri in low heat oil and fry for 1min.Flip it and fry for 30secs.Take out the fried jangiri and dunk into the sugar syrup for 2mins or til the next batch.

Mini Jangiri !

Lipsmacking Jangiris are ready !!!
Happy Diwali !!!

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