Sep 5, 2017

Sweet Rava Paniyaram l Sooji Paniyaram l ரவை பணியாரம்

Rava Paniyaram is one of the tastiest sweet snack ever.Making paniyaram is an interesting thing for me.I love to try making different variety of paniyarams every week.Combination of Rava,Wheat flour and rice flour  makes this dish tasty,healthy and more soft.This is one of the best snacks that you can prepare for your kids.

This cute little basket is from amma's wardrobe,i liked it a lot and that wooden kitchen set was given by amma during my last vacation for my food fotography.

Rava Paniyaram / Sooji Paniyaram :
Thats It : Soak ravai - Add flour,jaggery - Make paniyarams
Total Time : 35mins
Makes : 14paniyaram

Ingredients :

Rava / Sooji       1/2Cup
Maida                 2tbsp
Rice Flour          1tbsp

Ghee Or seesame oil    3tbsp
Jaggery              1/2Cup
Cardamom         3pods
Ripen banana     1(i used longer one)
Coconut             4tbsp (grated)
Cooking Soda    2pinches
Salt                     2pinches

Procedure :

# Soak rava with 3/4Cup of water for 15mins.

1.Take crushed jaggery into the pan with 3cardamom pods,3tbsp of water.Heat it in low flame till it completely dissolves.Then strain it to remove impurities.Cool down.

2.Add rice flour,maida,grated coconut,jaggery syrup into the soaked rava bowl.Mix it well.

3.Now add mashed banana,salt and cooking soda,blend well.The batter should not be very thick or too thin.[Dont rest the batter after addig cooking soda]

4.Heat a paniyaram pan in medium flame,grease it with ghee or seesame oil.Now pour the batter till the 3/4th quantity dent and cover it with lid.Cook for 1.30mins.

5.Now remove the lid,flip it over and cook for 30secs.Check the centre of the paniyaram by pricking it,if it comes out clean it is said to be cooked.Take out the cooked paniyarams carefully with skewers.

Sweet Rava Paniyaram is ready !!!

Notes :
1.You can replace jaggery with sugar or palm jaggery (karuppatti).

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