Oct 7, 2017

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A Pancake is a flat cake which is thin and round.It is prepared with flour,milk,butter and sugar within few minutes.Eggless version also there.It can prepared in many ways.This is recommended as a healthy breakfast.
I usually make pancakes with whole wheat flour and without eggs like this.When you are running out of regular dosa batter,you can try this healthy pancakes.Gautham loved pancakes a lot and so prepared once in a week by adding chocochips.Using whole wheat flour is a great and healthy idea for kids.You can pack this pancakes in your kids tiffin box.Serve this with honey,maple syrup,fruits,nuts,icing sugar,jam,milk,butter or chocolate syrup.

Whole Wheat pancake :
Thats It : Mix flour,Sugar,...- Add Milk  - Cook on tawa
Total Time : 20mins
Serves : 6-7pancakes

Ingredients :

Whole Wheat Flour   3/4Cup
All purpose flour       1/4Cup
Milk                           1Cup [+1/4Cup if needed]
White Or brown Sugar   2tbsp
Baking Powder
Salt                             1/2tsp
Oil / melted butter       1tbsp

Serving Suggestions :
Honey,Chocolate Syrup,Icing Sugar,Butter,Maple Syrup and any Fruit Jam.

Procedure :
1.Add whole wheat flour,all purpose flour,salt,baking powder into the bowl and mix it roughly.

2.Take (boiled and cooled) milk with sugar,mix it till dissolves.[you can add sugar directly to the flour.].Add milk,oil/melted butter into the flour mixture.Mix it well without any lumps.

3.Prepare thick pouring batter[if needed add milk],scoop and pour on hot tawa/griddle and no need to spread it.Cook in medium flame for 40secs-1min till the holes appear on top.Now flip over and cook for 30secs.Your pancake is ready.

Whole Wheat Pancakes are ready !!!

Notes :
1.You can use all purpose flour instead whole wheat flour.
2.Always make small size pancake with a ladle of batter.
3.You can add mashed banana and chocochip into the batter and make pancakes.

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