Nov 29, 2017

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Making a perfect Chicken Briyani is my long-term dream and it comes true now after lots of trials.Finally am going to fix this pressure cooker method as mine.This is the briyani which has required no spice powders as we are going to grind whole spices instead.Even beginners and bachelors can try this method to get perfect outcome.Briyani tastes so great the very next dining time or after a day as the flavours infused well - Tip from my briyani king friend Shalika.

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How can i forget to mention about the above cute pot which is gifted by My Man.The best part is he gave me with a condition that i had to cook Chicken Briyani and clicked it by the very next day as i always go crazy buying little things regarding kitchen but i introduce them very late(sometimes it takes an year) (wait for good day or good mood or bad mood to cheer me up).He is my best recipe tester as he is a big Food Lover too.So i cooked and clicked the very next day by concerning his condition.He loves it and suggested me to skip turmeric powder.Try this and you will get the perfect outcome for sure.

Chicken Briyani Recipe :
Thats It : Grind Masala- Fry - Pressure Cook
Total Time : 35-40mins
(including chicken cleaning)
Serves : 5-6Persons

Ingredients :

TO GRIND : Spice Paste

Cloves / Krambu                         3
Pattai / Cinnamon                       2inch piece
Cardamom / Elakkai                   2pods
Anissed/Saunf / Perunjeeragam  4tsp

Ginger            4inch piece
Garlic Pods    18
Red Chilli      6nos 
Big Onion      2 
Tomato           1big sized

Cooking :

Basmati Rice      3Cups
Chicken              1kg

Oil                      2tbsp
Ghee                   2tbsp
Star anise / Natchathira sombu    1big sized
Bay leaf / briyani leaf                  2nos
Green Chillies                              3nos
Onion                                           3nos (medium sized)
Tomato                                         1no
Turmeric powder                         1/4tsp [optional]
Coriander Leaves  / Kothamalli thazhai    1handful
Mint leaves / Pudhina  1handful
Coconut Milk                                3Cups(thin)
Water                                             1 1/2Cup
Salt                                                3tsp
Lemon Juice                                  2tsp (from a lemon)

* Turmeric powder is optional.If you want white & greenish colour of briyani just skip turmeric powder. 
* If you are using small garlic(naatu poondu) go ahead with same quantity.
* You can also use 1tbsp of ginger-garlic paste instead of ginger and garlic pods.
* 1/2 part of coconut from whole is enough.
* The next day briyani tates more greater in taste as the flavours infused well.

Procedure :

# Rinse and soak basmati rice for 20mins.
# Wash Chicken pieces
# Chop Veggies,clean cor. and mint leaves

1.Make Spice Paste :
(i)Take cloves,cinnamon,cardamom,aniseed into the dry mixie jar and grind into a powder.

(ii)Add in garlic pods,ginger,red chillies and grind it coarse.

(iii)Add onion,tomato and grind to a fine paste.Add 1tbsp water if needed as the water released from onion and tomato is enough for me.

2.Heat a cooker pan,add oil,ghee,star anise,bay leay give it a quick fry, add slit green chillies then sliced onions.Fry till the onions turn transparent.

2.Now add coriander and mint leaves then fry t for a min till it wilts.

3.Add tomatoes,spice paste,turmeric powder and cook for 3-4mins till all the raw smell goes.

4.Add washed chicken pieces,1tsp of salt gently mix it,cook covered for 15mins ,stir it now and then.

5.Now partly cooked chicken leaves water then add coconut milk,water and wait till it boils.

6.After boils add rice,lemon juice mix it.Add remaing salt and close the lid.

7. Pressure Cook for 2whistles on medium flame.
8.After pressure releases,wait for 10mins then gently flip it over without breaking rice.
9.Serve it with onion raita or with brinjal gravy.

Serving Suggestions : Always present your dish with used ingredients.

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