Nov 18, 2017

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Thinai Ladoo / Foxtail Millet Ladoo is a popular Neivedhyam which is offered to Lord Muruga.Introducing Millets in early life is a healthy start and honey is added as a sweetener,so this will be the healthier snack for kids.You can choose Thinai Maavu/Foxtail Millet Flour to prepare this ladoo.

I bought a kg of Thinai Arisi from India 3months back.My Man insisted me 4-5times to try this Thinayum Thenum Recipe and finally it happened now.It tastes so good.This ladoo is specially prepared and served little quantity during puberty period which gives enough stamina.You can also replace honey with jaggery.

Thinai Ladoo l Thinayum Thenum :
Thats It : Rinse,Pat dry & Roast Thinai - Powder It - Add Honey & ghee - Make Ladoos
Total Time : 25mins
Makes : 8Ladoos

Ingredients :

Thinai Arisi / Foxtail Millet  1Cup
Honey   3tbsp (+1tbsp if needed)
Melted Ghee   2tsp

[You can also use store bought Foxtail millet flour.Add 1/2tsp ghee and roast the flour then follow STEP : 5,6,7]

Procedure :

#Choose good quality Thinai Arisi/ Foxtail Millet and measure it.

1.Rinse Thinai Arisi 4to5 times or until you get clear rinsed water.Completely drain the water from millet.

2.Add Rinsed Thinai Arisi into the big sized,small hole strainer and keep aside for 5mins,then pat the strainer for removing excess water.OR Spread the rinsed & completely water drained Thinai Arisi on the cotton towel and dry it for 15mins.

3.Now transfer the little moistured Thinai Arisi on to the low heat heavy-bottomed pan.Dry roast for 3mins or until the aroma wafts.Transfer into the plate and cool down a bit.

4.Add roasted & cooled Thinai Arisi into the mixie jar and grind into a very fine powder(I got 90% of the powdered texture from my jar).

5.Transfer Thinai Maavu into the wide bowl,add honey and mix it roughly with spoon.Check the sweet taste and adjust by adding honey.

5.Take melted ghee,add into the Thinai-Then mixture,mix it very well with spoon.

6.Grease your palm with ghee,take a small portion and make balls by applying little pressure.

Thinayum-Thenum is Ready !!!

Notes :
1. You can use jaggery instead of honey.
2.If you are having Thinai Maavu/Foxtail Millet Flour at home,dry roast it with 1/2tsp of ghee then follow STEP : 5,6,7
3.Check for the sweet taste then go for adding a tbsp of honey before start shaping ladoos.

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