Jan 15, 2018

VARAGU ARISI PONGAL with video l வரகு அரிசி பொங்கல் l KODO MILLET l MILLET Recipes l Selva's Kitchen

Varagu arisi / Kodo Millet pongal is a healthy option for breakfast.Varagu Arisi helps to attain our protein requirements naturally as it has high protein content in it.Varagu is rich in fibrer and so it does not cause drastic spikes of our blood sugar levels so adding this millet is a very good option for diabetic patients.It is a gluten-free millet and also helps for losing weight.

This millet pongal tastes great,you can pair it with coconut chutney.Introduce MILLETS to your diet for better and healthy life.

Varagu Pongal / Kodo Millet Pongal : 
Thats It : Dry roast dal - Rinse dal & rice - Pressure Cook - add seasoning
Total Time : 25mins
Serves : 2Persons

VIDEO : Varagu Arisi Pongal 

Ingredients :

Kodo Millet / Varagu Arisi   1/2Cup
Moong Dal / Siruparupu   2tbsp
Water   2 1/4Cup
Salt      3/4tsp

Seasoning :
Ghee   2tbsp
Cumin Seeds / Jeeragam   1tsp
Whole Pepper / Muzhu Milagu   1tsp (crushed)
Ginger  1tsp (finely chopped)
Cashew Nuts   5nos (broken)
Curry Leaves  1Sprig

Procedure :
1.Dry roast moong dal on low flame for 2mins or until it becomes golden brown in colour.Now switch off the flame.Add varagu arisi into the dal,wash and rinse it both for 3-4times.Drain the water completely.

2.Add water,salt into dal and rice and pressure cook for 4whistles on low-medium flame.

3.Heat a seeding pan on low flame,add ghee,cumin seeds,after cumin seeds sizzles ,add ginger,broken cashew nuts,asafoetida,curry leaves.Switch off the flame after the cashews get golden brown in colour.

4.After pressure releases,mash the rice and dal slightly and add the seasoning,mix it well.

Varagu Arisi Pongal is ready !!!

Serve hot with coconut chutney and sambar.

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