Mar 27, 2018

Energy Ladoo with VIDEO l Poha,Peanut,Fried Gram Dal Ladoo l Kids Healthy Snack l Selva's kitchen

Peanut,Poha,Maa Ladoo is known healthy energy ladoo.It has numerous health benifits that low in calories and rich in iron and protein.The making of this ladoo process is so easy in a quick way.Yesterday i make this ladoo within 15mins.It tastes yummy and healthy for our kids.I added broken almonds,cashews to this ladoo for crunchiness.

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You can also add any chopped nuts,preferrably your kids favourite nuts otherwise they said 'No' sometimes.It keeps kids stomach full for longer time.Cardamom / Elaichi & ghee gives nice flavour to this ladoo.You can store it in air-tight container and enjoy.

Peanut,Poha,Maa ladoo  :
Thats it : Roast - Powder all the ing.s - Add ghee & make ladoos
Total Time :15mins
Makes : 12 ladoos


Ingredients :

Aval / Poha / Flattened Rice         1Cup
Peanut / Verkadalai                       1/2Cup
Pottukadalai / Fried Gram Dal      1/4Cup
Brown/White Sugar                      1/2 Cup
Ghee                                              1/4 Cup+2tbsp
Cardamom                                     2 Pods
Almonds,Cashews  (broken)         2tbsp(roasted) OPTIONAL

You can replace 1/4Cup of ghee with milk for elders.

Procedure :

1.Heat a kadai on low flame,add peanuts and roast it for 2-3mins.Transfer it to the bowl after the peanuts starts browning.Cool down.

2.In the same kadai,add aval,fried gram dal and roast it for 1-2mins.Transfer it to the plate after the poha turns crisper,gram dal starts browning.Cool down.

3.Optional : Deskin the peanuts by crushing it and remove the skin.

4.In a mixie jar,add sugar with cardamom pods,grind into fine powder.Now add poha,peanut,gram dal make it powder.

5.Heat a kadai on low flame,add ghee,powdered energy mix,sugar,roasted nuts.Switch Off The Flame.Mix all together for the better blend in hot kadai itself.Immediately transfer it to the bowl otherwise the bottom of the mixture becomes burnt because of the hot kadai.Cool down the mixture for 3-4mins.

6.Grease your hands with a drop of ghee and start making laddoos.The mixture sholud be good warm while shaping laddoos.Apply little pressure all the sides while rolling so that laddoo hold its shape for longer time.

Store it in air-tight container.

Aval,Peanut,Maa Laddoos are ready !!!

Notes :
* You can replace 1/4Cup of Milk with ghee for elder people.

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