May 3, 2018

How to choose,season & maintain Iron Kadaai/skillet? l Step by step Procedures l Benifits of Iron Kadaai

Cooking in iron utensils are healthier option.Seasoning iron utensils are also important to have proper iron content.Recently,i bought a new iron kadai.In this post,i have shown step by step procedures to choose,season & maintain iron kadai.

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* Even HEAT distribution
* Use any type of ladles as there will not appear any scratches.
* Good quality iron utensils maintain its shape for years.So this will be the best gift for next generation.
*Improves health in Aneamic people.You can find health difference within 2weeks.
* Well-seasoned iron utensils acts like non-sticky one

STEP 1 : Choose good quality Iron Utensils

*Heavy Weight 
*Heavy Sound 
*Thick Base


#1 Wash it with metal scrubber
New iron utensils may have rust and unevent surface so it is always recommended to wash it with metal scrubber(no dishwash liquid).

#2 Soak in Rice-Water Starch for 12-24hours.
Choose a big bucket add add rice starch water.If u r not having big bucket,go for using your sink but dont forget the sink hole.Your kadai should fully immersed in starch water.So you can mix hot water with starch water.Soak the kadai for about 12-24hours.

#3 Apply SALT + CASTOR/SESAME OIL(vilakennei/nallennei) mixture and rest it for 12-24hours.Now you can wash it using dishwash liquidIt will result black dye after every wash.So wash it for 4-5times until kadai becomes clear.

#4 Remove Moisture & Heat the vessel 

Using paper towel or cotton cloth wipe off  moisture from all over the iron kadai including handle side.Now heat the kadai in low flame and wait till the heat spreads all over the kadai.

* OPTIONAL : Now boil rice water for 5mins,discard it.
* Add coconut oil and spread it all over inside the kadai.

#5 Season It : 

Every type of vessel has pores in it which is not visible to our eyes.While heating,all the pores are opened,so our first time seeding flavour will occupy it and that flavour stays for longer time in utensils.

i) Add Coconut Oil,Urad dhal,Channa dal,Chopped onion and fry it till the onion turns dark brown in colour.Make sure that the onion should touch all over the surface while frying.Discard it.

ii) Coconut Oil + Grated Coconut

STEP 3 : Start Cooking

Avoid cooking acidic foods (lemon,tomatoes) until the Iron kadai is well-seasoned(may b for one or two months).Acidic ingredients cause some reaction with food and it results our food with mettallic smell.

STEP 4 : Maintenance 

After every wash water droplets on the iron kadai forms these type of rusts.
So wash it,dry it or wipe off the moisture using paper towels or cotton cloth,then apply coconut oil all over the kadai.Rest it till next uage.

You can follow this process til the kadai becomes sticky after 1-2months.

These are the traditional seasoning methods for iron utensils.Have a healthy life.

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